Four Tips for Keeping Your House Plants Alive

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Few things improve the aesthetics of a home like some well-placed and well-maintained house plants or flowers. On the flip side, if you neglect those house plants and they end up dying, you’re going to wind up with one big eyesore! Unfortunately, we don’t all have a green thumb, and keeping plants alive is harder for some than others. That doesn’t have to be the case, though. Keeping your house plants in Topeka, KS alive and well isn’t as hard as you might think. Follow the following tips and you’ll have a beautifully decorated home in no time:

  • Know your plant: You don’t need a green thumb to know that all plants aren’t created equal. Even though they’re both plants, succulents are far different from ferns. They need to be watered differently, and they need to live in separate areas of your home. A big mistake people often make is putting all of their plants, regardless of the type, in the same room, with the same sunlight and watering them at the same time. Read the tag on your plant before you bring it home. The tag has all of the information you need regarding its ideal sunlight levels and watering needs.
  • Know where to place it: Once you’ve read the tag and brought your plant home, the next step is choosing where it should go. While you may want to keep a plant in your kitchen, there might be too little or too much sunlight in that part of your home for your plant to thrive. Take a walk around your house to try to determine which room gets the optimal amount of sun for your new plant. If your plant starts to look weak after a few days, it’s a good idea to move it into a new area of your home.
  • Know when to water: Again, pay attention to the information on the tag regarding your plant’s watering needs. Follow the recommended watering schedule on the tag. You’ll be surprised to find out how little water many house plants in Topeka, KS need to survive! Keep in mind that overwatering is just as dangerous to a plant as underwatering. Check the soil the day after you water. If the soil is still soggy, you’ve overwatered your plant, and it may be in danger.
  • Check up on it: Sure, you walk past your house plants in Topeka, KS on a daily basis, and you water them when needed. But do you actually pay attention to them? Do you notice when the leaves are starting to turn yellow or brown? Do you check the soil to make sure it’s not too wet or too dry? Good plant owners do! A good plant owner knows how his or her plant is “feeling” at all times. Folks who care for their plants also inspect them for mites or other little bugs that can do them harm.

Follow these tips and you’re bound to have a happy and healthy house plant! Give Jackson’s Greenhouse & Garden Center, Inc. a call if you’re still having trouble keeping your green friends alive. One of our professional gardeners may be able to give you additional pointers on how to keep a healthy plant.

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